Safety hazards caused by earth fault and high current

Investigations conducted by DEKRA (Deutscher-Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein) establish that almost 90% of road traffic accidents cause subsequent fire at speeds above 80 km/h. The conclusion to be drawn is that the extreme deformation of the vehicle body causes an earth fault of the thickest electrical conductor, the cable between the battery and the starter / generator.

Ignition and smouldering fires

In the case of such short-circuits, there can be direct ignition caused by sparks or arcing or, equally hazardous, smouldering fires occur as a result of the enormous heat development. Apart from the hot parts in the engine compartment, the electrical energy stored in the battery forms the primary source of ignition in the car. 

Pyroswitch - reliable safeguard against motor vehicle fires caused by short-circuiting

Pyrotechnic safety switches (PSS) disconnect the circuit safely and surely, triggered by the airbag control device. and before a short-circuit can occur in the circuit as a result of vehicle deformation. Airbag initiators that have been proven millions of times are used in our pyrotechnic-driven PSS disconnection systems. The complete initiation circuit, including the line and initiator are continuously monitored by the controller for functionality. After the initiation pulse, disconnection takes place without any other external aid.

Safety in the manufacturing line - for your applications, too.

Disconnection systems and pyrotechnical safety battery terminals are approved standard of the automotive industrie. You can trust the experience and high quality requirements of the vehicle industry and use the PSS Pyroswitch of Autoliv. It is immaterial whether you use them in vehicles, construction of ships and aircraft or in industrial plants.

Press & News

Press release 14. September 2011

Autoliv is seeing high interest for its Pyrotechnic Safety Switch (PSS) from numerous OEMs.

This year Autoliv expects to produce 1.6 million units of the PSS. Production volumes are expected to more than double over the next three years. ...more

Autoliv presented the Pyroswitch at the EV Battery Forum 2012 in Barcelona

Autoliv took the oportunity , to discuss the topic, safety at high voltage and high currant, with the over 55 experts of the two days converence.  …more


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